History and Background


The Facey Group has its roots in Cecil B. Facey & Co., as commission merchants, which was formed in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1930. As commission merchants C.B. Facey & Co. successfully represented DuPoint, General Motors (parts division), I.C.I Paints, Black & Decker and Andrews Liver Salts among other multinationals. 

In 1959, Cecil B. Facey & Co. was acquired by Seagrams (Centenary Distillers Limited), the multinational liquor franchise, at a time when Seagrams was building its rum portfolio in Jamaica. By 1962 the ICD Group, a large Jamaican conglomerate acquired Cecil B. Facey Limited and in 1966 merged it with their Commodity Service Company (Jamaica) Limited to form Facey Commodity Company Limited. 

Under the ICD Group, and over three decades, Facey Commodity Company Limited grew to become the one of the largest distributors in Jamaica operating in the food, pharmaceutical and hardware sectors.

In 2000, the Musson Group acquired Facey Commodity Company Limited from ICD which by then had sold the assets of the hardware division to a third party. 

In 2001, Facey leveraged its procurement, distribution and logistics infrastructure to begin distributing telecom devices and pre-paid mobile airtime in Jamaica. By 2003, Facey expanded its telecom distribution business outside of Jamaica and continued this expansion through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions throughout the Caribbean and Central America. In the ensuing years, Facey Commodity Limited also acquired a presence in Europe in 2006 and started joint venture operations in the Pacific in 2007. 

In 2004, Facey began the expansion of its consumer business outside of Jamaica with the acquisition of Micon Marketing in Trinidad, followed by the acquisitions of food distributors in Barbados and St. Vincent. 

In 2006, Facey leveraged its procurement, distribution and logistics infrastructure and regional knowledge to diversify into the distribution of technology and IT products in the Caribbean and Central American region through a number of acquisitions.

Today, the Facey Group is a leading value-added distribution and services group operating in three principal lines of business:

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