Our Employees


We employ some 5,500 persons, including those in our joint ventures. 

Our employees are our greatest asset. Fair and decent treatment of our people is vital to our continued success. We respect different cultures, traditions and employment practices. We also share common goals with our employees in how business should be conducted. 

We strive to build enduring employee relationships characterized by mutual respect, active partnership and long term commitment. In today's competitive labour market, such relationships are essential to attract and retain skilled people.


We intend to conduct periodic employee surveys to give us insight into employee engagement and areas for improvement. 

We are committed to using regular performance reviews, along with investing in in employee education, training and coaching, to develop their skills and competencies. We also invest significant time and effort into recruiting graduates, trainees and apprentices. 

Facey is committed to good corporate values and ethical behaviour, and seek safe and effective working relationships at all levels around the Group. 

Whilst respecting different cultures, traditions and employment practices, we share common goals with our employees - in particular the creation of a safe workplace, free of discrimination or harassment, in any form.


Facey employs on the basis of job requirements and does not discriminate on grounds of age, ethnic or social origin, gender, sexual orientation, politics or religion. Exceptions are made to favour local employment where local laws provide. We do not employ forced, bonded or child labour. For more information, see our Ethical Behaviour Programme.


To develop employees' skills and competencies, we use regular performance reviews, recognising potential and undertaking education, training and coaching as appropriate, and offering professional development opportunities within the Group. 


Facey expects managers to be models of the highest standards of behaviour. Employees are expected to treat each other, customers and external contacts with dignity, fairness and respect. Harassment in the workplace is guarded against and neither abuse nor misuse of position or facilities for personal purposes is tolerated. Obligations to colleagues and the employing company are respected, while collaboration is encouraged within and across businesses, cultures and countries to raise performance

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